Wednesday, December 31, 2008

January 2009 Coming Attractions

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

    We have an exciting list of guests and special blog topics from our Banditas for this month. Let’s start the year off with a bang!

    Tomorrow, January 2, Bandita Suzanne guests Harlequin Intrigue writer Kay Thomas whose debut book BETTER THAN BULLETPROOF got a 4 ½ star rating from Romantic Times.

    Join us on January 6 for Bandita Kate’s guest Maureen Child to celebrate her release of BEDEVILED. (Check out that HOT cover!) We'll party hearty and discuss her ultra HOT Fae Warriors and the women who love them!

    RITA-nominated author Pamela Clare, Joan’s guest on January 13, will talk about her new historical release UNTAMED. Join us to hear about this historical set in a different time period.

    On January 19, we welcome my guest Misa Ramirez, to celebrate the release of her debut book LIVING THE VIDA LOCA. Misa also hosts "Chasing Heroes," which you can check out at

    Aunty Cindy welcomes guest writer Tina Ferraro on January 21 to discuss her new YA release, THE ABC'S OF KISSING BOYS.

    January 27 brings to the Lair another of Trish’s guests, Helen Scott Taylor. Helen celebrates the release of her American Title Contest-winning paranormal romance THE MAGIC KNOT.

    On January 29 Jeanne hosts guest Heidi Betts whose contemporary debut TANGLED IN LOVE, a "funny, sexy yarn," releases this month.

    And on the last day of the month, January 31, Kirsten's guest, New York Times best-selling author Angela Fox, joins us to discuss her Accidental Demon Slayer series.

    In addition, the Banditas will visit RNTV the week of January 26-30. Join us and our hosts Romance Novel Television for a great week of Bandita Banter. Last time we invaded, the party was so loud, they had to call the authorities! Let's make it even bigger this time round!

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    We forgot to announce the winner for the Bandit Booty for December 24th - one of the Fab-O 12 days of Bandit Christmas.
    Drum roll please.....The winnah is.....P 226!!!
    Email me at Jeanne AT JeanneAdams DOT com and give me your snail mail addy so I can send you da prize. It's really cool...
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ask not for whom the Ball Drops...

    by Jeanne Adams

    It drops for thee! Grins.

    Are you partying tonight? Are you getting dressed up and going out? Having people in? My house is going to fill up today with family. My brothers-in-law and their wives and sons will be arriving today to spend New Years with us. It will be loud - perhaps not quite as loud as Times Square where Bandita Jo is tonight! - but it's gonna be raucous.

    Tomorrow, we'll have a huge meal, much like Thanksgiving or Christmas with steak and pototoes and all that yummy stuff. Its wonderful because my family is in North Carolina so we travel there for Thanksgiving. No leftovers. Ahhhh, but Christmas and New Years...LEFTOVERS!!! WOOHOOO! Its amazing how much I love 'em.

    So that's all to say that we are totally BORING up here in DC. (After all, there's a big party only a couple weeks away on inauguration, can't get a sitter for both nights, right?) It's been a long time since we dressed up and went out to party. I vaguely rememer it being a total blast.

    Do you have any traditions? What do you do at New Years? I looked up a bunch of things on Wikipedia. Did you know they officially kick of New Years in Sydney, Australia? *Waving at our darling Aus Banditas* I'm sure they knew that, but for us non-Aus-ers, they do fireworks over the Sydney Harbour bridge.

    In fact they do fireworks almost everywhere, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, and India. Even in China, where they celebrate their Lunar New Year later, they blast off New Year Fireworks on "our" New Year.

    Wiki says the Italians wear red underwear at New Years, but doesn't explain it. Anyone know why? (Not that I don't like red unmentionables, but I'm curious...) In Japan they clean. Okay, I don't want to spend New Years in Japan. :> Seriously it's the time to clear the temples and prepare to welcome the god of the New Year. (I still don't want to clean) In New Zealand, evidently the Black Caps cricket team play a New Years One Day game. Seems they've outlawed liquor in some places due to those rowdy Kiwis going beyond the reckless and into the vandalous.

    Another odd one from Wiki is Mexico. Again with the red undies - for those who wish to find love - and get this...YELLOW undies for luck with money. (The guy to the left is the closest to yellow undies I could find, but he does look LUCKY...right?) I wonder if stripes gets you both? Oh and in Peru, there's the whole yellow-for-luck-undies, plus if you walk around the block with a suitcase, you'll get the trip of your dreams in the new year. In both countries, they eat a grape for every strike of the clock at midnight and make a wish for each grape. I like that one. I'm going to use it tonight! Grapes, I have.

    Do you make resolutions? If so, how many - one or a hundred? Something in between? Do you make family resolutions? I have a friend who gets her husband and kids together on New Years Eve and they make family resolutions for the year. Its pretty cool. They also have a 1/2 New Years in June, to check and see how they're doing on their resolutions!

    Now I know Tawny's one of our Major List Makers - I'm betting she makes resolutions right along with her goals - and I know there were quite a number of Bandita Buddies who confessed to being inveterate list makers as well.

    So, fess up. Do you make 'em? Do you check on 'em half-way through the year? Do you keep 'em till the next turn of the Year?

    And another time for one of your goals this year to finish the D*mn BOOK? Grins.

    So ready the fireworks, get the undies on, pick up a suitcase (writing's a journey, after all!) and let's celebrate a FABULOUS new year. It's the countdown to the Ball Drop, the countdown to the Queen's Speech (Denmark and the UK), countdown to some wonderful resolutions.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Who was that Masked Man?

    Or woman...

    by Anna Campbell

    Honestly, I've gone gray waiting for the 30th December to arrive. And now it has come!

    The Day is Here!!!!!!

    Just in case you have never visited this blog before or haven't had any contact whatsoever with Anna Campbell in the last six months, the 30th December is the day TEMPT THE DEVIL hits bookstores in America!

    So what are you doing here, reading this blog?

    Get out there! Buy the book! Buy 50 copies of the book!

    Well, all right, maybe I'm getting above myself here...

    But once you've actually braved the cold to make this highly significant purchase, I'm afraid you're not allowed to curl up with Julian and Olivia and their bumpy road to love. Or not right away anyway.

    No, you've got to get all dressed up and come to...


    Huzzah! Hip hip hooray! Bewdy, cobber!

    Yes, in the great tradition of launch parties in the lair, we're out to give you a really good time! You get to play with gladiators and cabana boys and inebriated romance novelists! You get to swing from chandeliers and drink champagne from Richard Armitage's slipper and have as many margaritas as you want!

    How can you resist?

    OK, my questions are:

    What is your costume?

    Who is your partner?

    What are the THREE things you definitely MUST do at the ball?

    Remember, because this is a SPECIAL ball, there's no hangover, there's no paparazzi, nobody will ever know what you got up to and there will be no ill effects.

    So let your imaginations go wild!

    Actually, forget your imaginations, just let yourself go wild!

    My favorite three answers win signed copies of the book that started all the mayhem TEMPT THE DEVIL!

    So to start the ball rolling (pun intended), what's my costume? I think I want to wear the dress that Olivia wears to the big ball scene in TEMPT THE DEVIL! It's gorgeous! It's sophisticated! It needs a slender body to carry it off but hey, I even get that at my launch party. And it goes beautifully with rubies...

    So who's MY partner at this bash?

    Why, Bryan Ferry about 30 years ago! Hey, I told you time travel was allowed, didn't I? Monsieur Ferry in all his gorgeousness was the model for what the hero of TEMPT THE DEVIL looks like. Rakish. Lounge lizardy. Decadent. Jaded. Sophisticated. Sexy. Yummy.

    My three things are:

    1. I want to find out what gladiators wear under their kilts!

    2. I want Bryan to sing Let's Stick Together to me - and mean it!

    3. I want Daniel Craig and Richard Armitage to get into a fight over who gets the last waltz on my dance card. I'm assuming one of your girls will invite them, of course!
    So get dancing, people! Let's get this partay started! Cabana boys, open that tequila! And don't forget to be creative with your answers and you just might win a copy of TEMPT THE DEVIL! Good luck!
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Tim Tam Limerick winners!!

    by Suzanne Welsh

    Okay, y'all were so great with the limericks, I decided to give away TWO packages of Tim Tams. So, the winners are:

    Virginia for best use of iambic pentameter
    and Gannon for her best use of Hugh Jackman in a limerick!

    Ladies, send me your snail-mail addy to swwelsh2001 at yahoo dot com and I'll see that those Tim Tams are on their way to your homes! And thanks for playin the limerick game!!Source URL:
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lorraine Heath returns to the Lair!

    by Suzanne Welsh

    One of our favorite guests is back in the Bandit Lair with us today, NYT Bestselling author, Lorraine Heath. Lorraine, pull up a barstool and let's talk about your newest release. (By the way there's Tim Tam's in the Lair today!)

    Suz: BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE is the second in the Scoundrels of St. James series. Can you tell us about the story?

    Lorraine, nibbling on a TimTam while giving a quick wave to the Bandits: The story involves Jack Dodger, the owner of a notorious gentleman's club. One of his patrons-the Duke of Lovingdon-bequeaths Jack his London residence in exchange for which Jack is to serve as guardian of the duke's 5-year-old son. Needless to say, the young widow is outraged that this scoundrel is charged with leading her son into manhood. And Jack, who trusts no good fortune, is working hard to discover why the duke would want him to be guardian. Yet, he can't deny that he's intrigued by the young widow.

    Suz, eyes twinkling: Mmmm, we met Jack Dodger in your last book, IN BED WITH THE DEVIL. Jack's a scoundrel of the first order and quite happy in that state. What made you want to bring him change? And how did you achieve that?

    Lorraine: Jack has had a very rough life. All of his role models have been the dregs of society, quite honestly, and yet there is a core element of goodness in him that he doesn't want to acknowledge and that few see. He's had to fight to survive and on the surface he always puts himself first. In IN BED WITH THE DEVIL, Jim tells Luke that he would follow him into hell without ever asking him why they were going. None of the scoundrels would do that for Jack because they'd think he was going for his own gain. Yet, in truth, there isn't anything that he wouldn't do for them. He might grumble about it, be unhappy about it, but he'd do it.

    So in BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND DESIRE I matched Jack against a woman who has never even fantasized about doing anything improper. I put him in a situation where he has to behave. Suddenly a 5-year-old boy is looking to him for guidance, and all Jack knows is how to be a scoundrel. He doesn't want this lad to grow up to be like him and he has to change his ways in order to be what the boy-and eventually his mother-deserve.

    There is nothing Jack won't do to earn a coin. To earn what Lovingdon has left, he must change. And in the changing, he acquires more than he ever thought possible.

    Suz: What is it about the heroine, Olivia, the Duchess of Lovingdon, that intrigues Jack the most in your mind?

    Lorraine: Good question. What intrigues him the most, I think, is the very thing that irritates him the most: she's so blasted proper. She believes in following rules, honoring duty, and never straying from the righteous path. She represents everything he abhors, but her conviction in what she believes to be right fascinates him.
    Suz: There are at least three more members of Feagan's kids who have been featured in the first two books in this series. Any plans for them?

    Lorraine: Oh, yes. Frannie's book, Surrender to the Devil, will be released in July 2009. The one thing Frannie never wanted was to be part of the aristocracy so, naturally, there is a duke in her future. Jim's story, Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel, will be released January 2010. Jim's story has been the most challenging to write so far.

    Suz, leaning in to whisper: Which of the scoundrels do you like the best?

    Lorraine, laughs: Whichever one I'm writing a story about. I like them all for different reasons. Luke was so tormented; Jack is such a scamp; Frannie is the glue that holds them all together; Jim is the one who truly loved Frannie; and Bill . . . well, he's a bit of a mystery.

    Suz: I'm not sure if our readers are all aware, but you also write YA under two different names, Rachel Hawthorne and Jade Parker. Care to tell us what's going on in that world?

    Lorraine: After 3 consecutive months of releases in the summer of 2008, Making a Splash: Robyn; Making A Splash: Caitlin; Making a Splash: Whitney; Jade doesn't have anything on the horizon. Rachel, however, has been a very busy girl. Suite Dreams hit the bookstores Dec. 23. It's the story of an Aussie who comes to the States for holiday and ends up sleeping on the couch in the heroine's dorm room and sweet dreams ensue. Bandit Anna Campbell (hi, Anna!) was a tremendous help with the story, helping me to create a character who didn't sound quite so American. It was a lot of fun having Anna answer my questions, because she has such a lovely accent even when she's writing. (And I can't wait to get my little fingers on Tempt the Devil. You, Bandits, are all on my "to read" list-you are quite a talented group.)

    Then beginning in March, the Dark Guardian series-which involves werewolves who live among us, unknown to us-will begin hitting the stores. Moonlight in March, Full Moon in May, Dark of the Moon in July. They were very different from anything I've written before. A little darker, and just a bit sexier (how can shapeshifters not be sexy?) than the beach and winter reads I've written for teens up until now. Each story involves a different girl striving to find her place within the pack and with her destined mate while their existence is threatened by a research company who wants to discover what makes them a unique species (and somehow market it). My personal tagline for the series is-Each girl will be asked: What price will you pay for love?

    Lorraine: And while that would be a great question to leave you with-what price would you pay-we're so close to New Year's Eve and since my New Year's resolution is to read more in 2009 what reads do you recommend?

    Lorraine will be giving away a gift card to the one lucky winner's choice of Borders, Barnes & Noble or!!

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Christmas Booty!!

    Thank you to everyone who visited the Lair on Christmas Day. It was lovely to hear how you all spent your day, your travel plans, the feasts, the gifts both given and received, the quiet moments, the merriment, and of course, the Christmas stories you love best.

    Our random number generator chose a winner of the Bountiful Bandita Basket, and that winner is ...


    Congratulations, Buffie!! When you have a moment, please send your snail mail address to me at and I will send the basket and all the goodies inside straight to you!

    Thanks again to one and all for sharing Christmas memories with the Banditas!!
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