Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Fairy Tale Comes True

    posted by Aunty Cindy

    Once upon a time, a very very long time ago, there lived a little dark-haired girl of Irish heritage who loved stories. When she didn’t have her nose buried in a book, which was actually most of the time, she made up stories for her own and her best friends’ amusement and/or amazement.

    This little girl secretly thought that the most wonderful thing in the world would be to write a book and have it on the shelf of the library or bookstore where anyone could read and enjoy it. But she knew that this could never happen to her, because authors were very special people who were not at all like the ordinary people all around her. So she kept writing her stories, mostly in secret, and dreaming.

    XX years (insert your favorite number between 20 and 90) passed, and the little girl grew up and had a family and a career. She still loved to read, and she could never quite give up her secret dream of writing. Also, somewhere along the line, the girl (now a woman and not so little) figured out that not all authors were up there on that very special pedestal. Some were real (if not quite ordinary) people just like her!

    Finally, unable to stand her Dreaded Day Job any longer, the not-so-little woman quit! Even though most of her co-workers thought she was crazy, she left her career to do what she had always loved most – WRITE STORIES! It paid far less than the Dreaded Day Job, but was much more fun and healthy.

    Like all good fairy tales, this one has a happy ending! Turns out that the not-so-little woman was pretty good at writing stories. She even finaled in a VERY BIG contest and made some of the most wonderful friends of her life. Eventually, after X years (insert your fave number between 3 and 4), a real live editor called the not-so-little writer and said, “I want to publish your Irish book.”

    The writer screamed, “Yes! YES! OMG YES! (much like her heroine did on page 157)” and then she proceeded to tell friends, family and everyone she knew (and plenty she did not know) that she would soon be A PUBLISHED AUTHOR! It was just a matter of waiting a few hundred days for her book to be on the shelves.

    So our not-so-little author and all her friends (and even some people she didn’t know) waited and waited for the day when the Irish book, now titled The Wild Sight: an Irish tale of deadly deeds and forbidden love to appear on the bookstore shelves.


    The author (that would be ME) and all her friends (that would be all of YOU)


    Dreams and even fairy tales can come true!

    Please help your olde Aunty celebrate the release of her debut novel The Wild Sight. And share with us about one of your dreams that came true.

    One lucky commenter will win an autographed copy of The Wild Sight, and another will receive a box of chocolates filled with Bailey’s Irish Crème!

    PARTY HARDY EVERYONE!!!Source URL: http://yourrighthandthief.blogspot.com/2008/09/
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming in October

    by Nancy

    Wow, it's hard to believe we're already moving into October. We have a wonderful month coming up in the Lair! In addition to our usual bandita blogs, we have fabulous guests coming.

    We kick off with a bang and a squee! as our very own Aunty Cindy, known to the reading public as Loucinda McGary, launches her debut romantic suspense novel, The Wild Sight, which earned a starred review in Publishers Weekly. We hope you'll all join the party on October 1.

    Kensington author Delilah Marvelle, whose debut novel, Mistress of Pleasure, was just released, joins Kirsten Scott on October 2.

    Dorchester author Gerri Russell guests with Nancy on October 6. Gerri will discuss her recent trip to Scotland and celebrate the release of her third Scottish historical romance, Warrior's Lady.

    Sourcebooks Casablanca publicist Danielle Jackson guests with Aunty Cindy on October 7. She'll be glad to answer questions from commenters about promotion and pubicity.

    Denise Rosetti, who writes hot romances for Berkley, Avon, and Ellora's Cave, chats with Christine Wells about one of our favorite subjects, heroes, on October 16.

    Medical romance author Fiona Lowe joins Anna Campbell on October 19 to discuss her latest release, The Playboy Doctor's Marriage Proposal.

    Western historical author Tracy Garrett chats about her latest release, Touched by Love, with Suzanne Welsh on October 27.

    We may have one or two other guests. Stay tuned for further developments!

    In addition to all the fun we plan to have here in the lair, we're also spotlighting contests offered on bandita websites. Highlights are:

    **Win an advance review copy of Anna Campbell's January release, Tempt the Devil by visiting Anna's website at website and answer a simple question to be in the running.

    **Nancy Northcott's first contest is open, with three of categories of prizes to be awarded in an end-of-year drawing. To enter, subscribe to Nancy's newsletter at her website and email Nancy with your category preference.

    **Trish Milburn is running a contest, "Where in the World is a Firefighter in the Family," to celebreate her debut release. Information is on Trish's website

    Rules are simple:
    1. Buy a copy of A Firefighter in the Family.
    2. Have someone take your photo digitally with your copy of the book.
    3. E-mail it to Trish at triciamillsbooks AT yahoo DOT com.
    4. Let her know where you bought it.

    She'll be featuring some of the photos on her blog. On Oct. 9, she'll draw at random from the entrants to win the following: A signed advanced reading copy of her first young adult title, Heartbreak River; a box of Godiva chocolates; a $20 gift card to Barnes & Noble; and a day dedicated to you on her blog.Source URL: http://yourrighthandthief.blogspot.com/2008/09/
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