Monday, May 31, 2010

The Lair is Hot in June!

    We Banditas enjoy vacations as much as anyone but we don’t take the summer off....too many stories in our vivid imaginations to take a break. And boy, do we kick the summer off right this month!

    On June 2nd, Anna Campbell hosts debut historical romance author Maggie Robinson – or is she perhaps appearing as her alter ego Margaret Rowe? Maggie will be giving away a signed copy of MISTRESS BY MISTAKE.

    And that’s just the beginning of a bountiful week.

    Virna DePaul is visiting on the 3rd. Virna’s debut, CHOSEN BY BLOOD, is out with Berkley in 4/11 and she’s sharing her insights as she goes through the process of sold to debut. She’ll talk about Challenging Your Editor or Agent – when it’s really okay to speak up.

    We end this first week on a high note with a return visit from Carrie Lofty on June the 4th. Our very own Christie Kelley talks with Carrie about her new release SONG OF SEDUCTION.

    On June 7th Loucinda McGary hosts Vanessa Kelly to talk about her sizzling new release SEX AND THE SINGLE EARL.

    Swing by the Lair on June 12th and see how a teenager who already has social issues deals with the suddenly acquired ability to interact with ghosts. YA author Maureen Hardegree chats with Nancy about HAIN’T MISBEHAVIN, Maureen's new novel from Bell Bridge Books.

    The 16th of the month yours truly hosts a return visit with RITA award winning author Kristan Higgins to talk about honesty and her most recent release “the next best thing”. I’m fairly certain we can get her to spill about her August release “all I ever wanted”. (Yes, I have started a FB campaign for my kitten Cricket to be featured on her next cover. Hey! It worked for Betty White!).

    On the 21st, Kris Kennedy visits with us to talk with us about her latest THE IRISH WARRIOR.

    Pamela Palmer is visits on the 27th, talking about Writing on the wild side - or Where do you come up with this stuff? And her latest release, RAPTURE UNTAMED which hits the shelves June 29.

    We have one contest this month.

    Anna Campbell has a mini novella called ‘Upon a Midnight Clear’ in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE (released on 24th June in the U.K. and 27th July in the U.S.). To celebrate, she’s giving away two signed copies! All you have to do is email her on and name two authors other than Anna Campbell who have stories in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE. You might find the answer in her June Latest News: or on the publisher’s website: The contest closes 31st July, 2010 and for more details please visit her website:

    Whew! What a month! So fill up the lemonade (or margarita) glass, plop under a beach umbrella and prepare to have fun!
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Guest Post: A Few of My Favorite Things

    + Sun-kissed freckles. Not only are they adorable, they give me an excuse to go easy on the makeup all summer long.

    + Architectural salvage yards. I have this dream of living in a modern home, sprinkled with rustic details, like this sliding barn door.

    + Being feminine.

    + Big, thick, oversized glasses. I crush on a new pair every week.

    + Hats. My mom had me in all sorts of different styles from an early age. Right now I'm enamored of a classic fedora I picked during a trip to Sonoma, California.

    + Boy things, like flannel, hiking boots, oversized watches, broken-in jeans, and super soft T-shirts. I'm always stealing my fiancé's clothes!

    + Cats that do human things. Like this one.

    + Cheeky accessories. I'm a true nerd at heart, with a soft spot for dry humor. I love these playful mittens from Kate Spade. Gotta find a pair on eBay!

    + The best days start with two slices of avocado toast.

    + Designer Paul Rand. Get to know his work here.

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced the separation


    Well, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were separated, and the representative of Heidi from the announcement Friday afternoon, like any celebrity couple "of others, in the hope of minimizing the public relations and fashion. As short as the history of civilization was, Heidi & Spencer a commitment ceremony in Mexico in November 2008. then held a lavish wedding in April 2009, which was also for her reality show filmed, The Hills have. get both a lot of Flack, that his first marriage was not legally binding (and the civil marriage that was wrong too) to follow, but reported an official license and must be for the second time these last few weeks we have a lot of rumors that the marriage of Heidi and Spencer was a year is in trouble.

    The stories on the control of behavior increasingly erratic and Spencer, including the U.S. Weekly cover concentrated in two weeks "The Battle of Heidi: Did you brainwashed. "It seems hard to separate fact from fiction with this couple who win more interested as holders of public perception. The voices seem real, even though the break, and I thought that the stories passed through the walls Spencer . These two are not enough decent players to withdraw a complicated system. And now I'm lost - perhaps. Sounds like a half-ass in the air the ad. Heidi Montag "has by her husband, Spencer Pratt, TMZ has learned separately.

    TMZ is representative Heidi Heidi tries to leave because of all the bad press controls false Spencer. She is tired of her and search the place and wants to concentrate on his acting career. "We are told Heidi - represented here in Malibu last Friday - is to try a new place to live ... Malibu. As TMZ first report, Heidi and Spencer have called the police to the mother Heidi few weeks ago. .. It was so much confusion. A source close to Heidi and Spencer told TMZ the tension in the relationship for some time ... "It was not just a sudden thing." Now it makes sense ... Heidi until Tuesday, I am not Heidi Pratt, Heidi Montag, I am. "

    [From TMZ] I know - like Heidi from the house of junk you are looking for charter with Spencer, or has already done? Not announced separation regardless whether you are just trying to get out. The people are reported as unconfirmed and it seems that Heidi not happy, but not yet ready to leave the relationship. If rejected, the search for an ad or a bit of both, remains to be seen. None of them seemed to be the head support what I think they were right made for each other. Everybody mad uneven . Spencer has a kind of Crystal Healing / kick military, while Heidi believes that all problems can be solved with the operation and make it unrecognizable. If both were very superficial and glory in search of work, but ..

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Sandra Bullock meets with her daughter for lunch every day to prevent paparazzi

    Radar Online has information to show the fate of Sandra Bullock that she has managed to hide from the paparazzi, although the star on the question of the moment. Sandra was at the luxurious Beverly Hills, but it is advisable to avoid photographers. Celebrity Paparazzi called Houdini. "He was known to have been at the hotel earlier this week his, although his current location is unknown. I think it is reasonable to assume that all the paparazzi photos that we saw after the scandal Sandra have been carefully orchestrated. I have great admiration for the way they handled this whole scandal. Even the ones I saw were probably approved before. I would have liked his condemnation of the conduct of her husband to hear, but don 'are only a part of me that is out for revenge.


    It was elegant, yet open to respect and understand why they treated the way they are. It is a smart and tough. Under the radar report: Several sources have said Bullock spent a few days in the hotel to stay mostly out of sight and deliberately avoid the paparazzi are so desperate to be photographed as part of the confessions betray Jesse James "Nightline" on ABC. "It has become the biggest celebrity Houdini", a photographer "You can escape any situation - but it does it without being seen." There were a few photos of the Oscar as the revelation of some James. And their public statements about her husband were good, given what he has done for them.


    She filed for divorce in Texas. Beverly Hills Hotel is located in the privacy of its customers exceptional, this is the nightmare of hungry paparazzi snap of Los Angeles. Such protection, with luxury hotels and private bungalows, makes it an excellent choice for a celebrity Bullock. His movements were so secret that all the paparazzi is certain is that since it was early this week, but quickly lost track of. "She was," said a source "But who knows, could make tomorrow in New Orleans." [Radar] Sandra could live there for the quiet time with your spouse, still living with his father, Jesse James. Star Magazine reports that he had lunch, at the hotel with some 'Sun, May 6 23 His story of how Sandra brought gifts for Sunny is sweet and pulls my heart. dressed Writing "The girls in the same dress in black and white rice in his arms and plays with a sketch Etch A increased during the meal. At some point, Sunny, also the tiara placed on her smile stepmother" to give up Imagine Sandra , a life with a girl she helped to enlarge and get one or two visits with her in the coming months. Sandra Jesse betrayed not leave to their children to live with the woman who planned to take had to be there for them as they grew up. It should not be considered as Sunny, the fact that there crying at the same age when he was mistreated. Jesse is, however, and when he was hurt when he hurts everyone around him .. with his selfishness .

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Lindsay Lohan is a delusional narcissist fasting

    I know, I know. Two stories depending on crack today. What can I do, I just saw these pictures of Lindsay walking in the financing of the campaign yesterday. After Fame Pictures, the new girlfriend of Lindsay Lohan continues its mission, so that only soft drinks, such as leaves Fred Segal in Santa Monica, CA 27th May 2010, Hide with a flamed orange juice over jeans SCRAM ankle bracelet with discretion. "Meanwhile, Lindsay clubs in the last two nights has gone.


    TMZ reported yesterday that Lindsay was up to 2 bar clock on Wednesday evening and this morning told People magazine that Lindsay was hopping New - no alcohol, but he looks nothing like a hole - not even an ankle bracelet monitoring can keep Lindsay Lohan on the club. taken with her new blonde hair, the star in Las Palmas in Los Angeles, clad in jeans and a hat. Laughter and smoke all night, avoiding alcohol and Lohan was honored with his group of friends. Lohan even danced around his office, Britney Spears sings during the busy evening.

    [In] The people who go to clubs with Lindsay these people are? I mean, what is the budget? It's like the Boys Club to do with anything better? However, Lindsay has to notify his probation officer every night on the phone - the poor devil. Lindsay seems, is now at the Los Angeles club scene in Los Angeles, make sure that you want to use something beautiful, and tied everything wrong with the SCRAM bracelet. Then, at midnight last night, Lindsay foot "Chanel can please help me for stickers to put on my wrist so I can at least SCRAM wear a nice dress?" Hello? "X". A small hole. [From Twitter Lindsay] What is the Stone Cold Sober also (apparently), Lindsay is still a delusional narcissist, who is sitting around the creation of theater, break a whimper and F-cking idiot. At one point we must realize that this is a F-cking is personality. Speaking of his lies, said, remembers Johnny Depp came in and said goodbye? LaineyGossip denies that bullsh-t. And here a picture courtesy of Gawker pleasure - Lindsay is with the awarding of the "hide". There are, like, a million of them. It's funny when he says he does not want to be photographed ..
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Okay, so this one time?

    by Susan Sey

    Today is Memorial Day. Summer is now officially open for business. Up here in the north land, Memorial Day is when the swimming pools open up. It's when public parks turn on the drinking fountains & put out the portapotties. It's when we throw caution to the wind and finally plant the darn tomatoes, late season blizzards be damned.

    It's also the day our nation sets aside to pay tribute to the men and women who've died while serving in our armed forces.

    This is not a surprise to me. Nor should it be at the end of my What Memorial Day Means to Me list. My dad served in a National Guard unit in the sixties. My Uncle Harry was Air Force. My grandpa served the Army in WWI. My father-in-law spent his entire career in the Air Force, and my brother-in-law flew fighter jets for the Navy. My Uncle Bill was...well, he was colorful. As I believe a lot of sailors are. But they all came through their service --thank God--healthy & whole.

    And they brought stories with them when they came home. Lord, the stories these men brought home. My Uncle Bill especially. When we were kids we never got tired of hearing the one where he was standing guard on some ship & did the whole "Halt, who goes there?" routine on a superior officer named Marvel. A captain, as it happened. Captain Marvel.

    Uncle Bill: "Halt! Who goes there?"

    Captain Marvel: "Captain Marvel."

    UB: "Riiiiiiight. Really, now. Who goes there?"

    CM, with strained patience: "Captain. Marvel."

    UB, skeptically: "Mmm-hmm. Mmmm-hmm. Captain Marvel?"

    CM: "That's right."

    Thoughtful pause.

    UB: "Can I be Superman?"

    Apparently, they really do make you peel potatoes for mouthing off in the military. That's not just Beetle Bailey stuff. At least according to my Uncle Bill, who--admittedly--wasn't the most reliable of sources. We were never sure when we were kids where the line was between fact & fiction when it came to his stories, but it hardly mattered. That wasn't the point. It was all about the story and the picture he painted with his words and that three-pack-a-day-and-a-shot-of-whiskey voice.

    Now when most people die, their friends and relatives tell stories about them at the funeral. When my Uncle Bill died, we told stories about his stories. It was a powerful reminder to me of how important stories are. They're an honor and a tribute, a temporary recreation of something fleeting and human. They're a kind of magic, really. And I can't think of a better way to recognize the service and sacrifice of our soldiers than by performing that particular magic in their honor.

    It's war story day in the Lair! Pull up a log, sit around our virtual campfire, have a beer or a soda or a s'more and tell us about your favorite soldier. I'll bet I'm not the only one with an Uncle Bill hanging out in the family tree. Come on--share! Source URL:
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Special Library Visit

    posted by elfreda ica

    The DH and I just returned from a little jaunt to Utah and Colorado for our anniversary, and a fun time was had by all, especially when I discovered both The Wild Sight and The Treasures of Venice in the Pikes Peak Library District collection!

    We had visited Arches National Park and then Canyonlands both in Utah before we decided to drive up Pikes Peak in Colorado. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the ranger station, we were told that the summit was closed due to 90 mph winds! ACK! We definitely didn't want to go up there even if they would have permitted us!

    Instead, we drove back into town to the historic section called Colorado City. As soon as I spotted the beautiful old Carnegie library building, I urged my DH to stop. The library I'd loved so much as a child was a Carnegie building too!

    My DH dropped me off and I went inside to check my email. Since I didn't have a reservation, I could only use the internet for 15 minutes, but that was enough time to get my daily fix! So when I was done, just for the heck of it, I decided to put my name in the library 'author search.' To my complete surprise and delight, both The Wild Sight and The Treasures of Venice popped up!

    Matter of fact, The Treasures of Venice was in the very library branch where I was standing! With my heart a-flutter, I logged off the computer and went in search of 'the paperback collection.' After a few minutes of walking around, I discovered that all of 'the paperback collection' was contained on two sets of bookshelves (this was a small library after all).

    And there was MY book, on the top of the second set of shelves! How lucky to have my name start with "M" because A through L occupied the first shelf and M through Z the second. With such a small collection of paperbacks, I felt even more special to have The Treasures of Venice included! Best of all, as my DH pointed out when he came in a few minutes later and I dragged him over to see, the pages looked ruffled.

    Someone had definitely checked the book out and read it!

    I spent many happy hours in the library as a child and even more as an adult, so finding my book in a small library in another state was a very big thrill for me! Plus this was my first time seeing any of my books actually on the shelf in any library. As a child, I used to read all those author names on the spines of all those books and imagine how wonderful it must feel to have a book you wrote sitting there for people to read. Well, now I know, and IT FEELS GREAT!

    What about you? Do you have any special memories of libraries? Please share them with us here in the Lair. I know I missed the recent late night reading session, but we can certainly have another one. Please share what you are reading for this lovely weekend. SHHHH! Just don't tell Sven, the gladiators, and the new guy, Paolo!Source URL:
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Friday, May 28, 2010

On This Day in History

    On this day 40 years ago, in a small town in Kentucky, I was born. No matter how many times I do the math, I can't believe I'm 40. I don't feel 40.

    Curious about what else might have happened on all the May 29th dates in history, I did a little research and here's what I found:

    In 1453, Constantinople fell to the Turks, who renamed it Istanbul.

    In 1660, Charles II was restored to the English throne after 11 years of commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell. It happened to be Charles' 30th birthday. (Interesting, since I just started watching the first season of The Tudors.)

    In 1765, U.S. patriot Patrick Henry presented the Virginia Resolutions and said, "If this be treason, make the most of it." It was his 29th birthday.

    In 1790, Rhode Island became the last of the original 13 colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

    In 1848, Wisconsin became the 30th state.

    In 1903, Bob Hope was born.

    In 1917, John F. Kennedy was born.

    In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first mountain climbers to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

    In 1958, Annette Bening was born in Topeka, Kansas.

    In 1959, actor Adrian Paul (of TV's Highlander) was born.

    Okay, everyone, play along. What historic things happened on your date of birth? With whom do you share a birthday?

    And for everyone in the U.S., have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. Enjoy those cookouts! I know I will.Source URL:
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Reckless Launch Winners!

    Oh, my aching head! Thanks so much to everyone for a wonderful launch day on the Bandits yesterday! I had real trouble picking three winners, but after much ado, they are:

    Chelley (who deserves a book after dealing with the chook!)

    Danielle Ferries


    Congratulations, girls! Please email me on with your snail mail details and I'll sort out your books for you!Source URL:
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wasting's a matter of perception

     posted by Suzanne

    After yesterday's blowout in the Lair with Anna's launch party, I think most of us need a day of recovery. So today's blog is a salute to ways to waste time. Some of these ways will be very laid back and lazy, others might surprise you.

    1. Reading.Yep, my most favorite way to waste time is to read. From the time I brought home my first library book to this very afternoon, I find nothing more enjoyable than wiling away the day or evening or night with my nose in a book.

    This drove my father crazy. (Note: I said father. My mother was my enabler, supplying me with various books and authors over the years.). About once a month my mother worked late and it fell to me to cook dinner. Well, I figured that if I had to be stuck in the kitchen cooking, I could read while things were cooking on the stove or in the oven. Especially if I was reading a Kathleen Woodiwiss or Johanna Lindsey book. I mean, what's a burned hamburger compared to the emotions and intrigue in those books? Dad's idea of wasting time was my idea of multi-tasking!

    2. Watching TV. Yes, I love my DVR. I can record my shows during a baseball game or while I am at work and get caught up when my insomnia hits or when I'm not quite ready for bed. 2 AM is early for me! Now, mind you not all my favorite shows are crime shows or cooking shows, despite what my hubby will tell you.

    No, one of my favorites these days is..........Holmes On Homes. Have you seen this? Mike Holmes is a Canadian contractor who goes in and fixes the disastrous errors committed by other, less trustworthy contractors. He makes no bones about what the others have done wrong and isn't above gutting entire rooms or homes to "make it right" for the families living there. (Personally, I think a man who can fix things to be verrrrrrrrry sexy!)

    So watching TV isn't really a waste of my time. It keeps me current with popular genre fiction, up to date on crime scene technology, new recipes, and home remodeling. See my dear hubby's idea of wasting time, is my idea of research. (I'm seriously hoping Mike Holmes will come fix my bathrooms!)

    3.Cleaning my office. Stop groaning! This is actually a very therapeutic activity for me and constitutes wasting time, since it keeps me from writing. :) (I'm basically stuck in the middle of a sex scene, so I need some non writing therapy to let my subconscious figure out the jokes about coitus interrupt-us, y'all!) Anyways, organizing files and papers, determining what is needed and what can be shredded can free up my creative side. Besides, it's sort of like a treasure hunt....and we all know how much Banditas love treasure! (I wish my office looked this organized!)

    So what treasures did I find today? Some pictures I'd meant to scrapbook. My latest credit report...been looking for that for a while. Some cards from former patients and some from my kids I want to put in my private momentos box. See treasures! One writer's waste of time is another's answer to writer's block!

    I also came up with the idea for this blog and managed to write a few pages on a side project titled, and yes this is it's actual title, "An Attempt At Regency".

    So, that's some of my time wasters...(and we didn't even cover Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook). What's yours? Any particular ways you like to waste time? Do you find side benefits for them? Anything someone else does that you think is totally unproductive?Source URL:
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Toby is here!

    My darlings! As you may have guessed from the radio silence, I went into labor on Monday night, and, on Tuesday at lunchtime, we welcomed Tobias Paul Goddard-Williams into the world! He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces and has blue eyes and brown hair. He is tiny and wrinkly and just the sweetest thing in the world. We are beside ourselves and completely in love.

    I'll be taking the next month off to dote on the little man, and some guest posters will be here (I'll pop in now and again with baby photos!). Then I'll be back on July 1st and am looking forward to sharing more baby photos, the birth story, and regular posts, too, of course. Thank you so much. xo

    Sending a huge kiss to you...and the whole world!!!

    Love, Joanna, Alex, and (now) TobySource URL:
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Reckless Launch!

    by Anna Campbell

    Scene: The Bandit War Cabinet Room which is even further underground than the Writers Deadline Cave which featured in all its fiendish glory in Christine's launch at the beginning of the month.

    We interrupt this bulletin to bring you an important message!

    PLAGIARISM GURU: This is looking suspiciously like Christine's launch!


    PG: Is that all you've got to say for yourself?

    SA: Well, not really! I've got a whole launch post ahead of me. It would be a bit sad if I stopped now, wouldn't it?

    PG: Don't play clever with me, Bandita!

    SA: No, sir! I'd just like to point out that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    PG: Tell that to Madam!


    We interrupt this message to return to our original message.

    So where was I?

    That's right the Bandit War Cabinet Room where all the REALLY fiendish plans are hatched.

    Oh, no, now the rooster is keen on coming down. He thinks a hatchery means some hot chicks.

    Down, boy!

    Anyway, as you can see, it's party central down here. Just look at this embarrassing photo of the hijinks on our New Year's Eve party in 1943! And we can promise you more of the same tonight, oh, yessirreeeee! Batten down those hatches! Iron those hankies! Match those socks!

    Speaking of embarrassing! There's been a major hitch in our planning for today's launch of the new Anna Campbell opus MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

    Oy, oy, oy! And assorted other Bandita cries of despair! Including the famous Ai Caramba! And "Demetrius, what are you doing with that sword?"

    It turns out the top secret documents, essential for today's mayhem, have been diverted to Africa. We need to get them OUT OF AFRICA!!! Snort. Feel the urge to break into a Danish pastry!

    What are we to do? What are we to do?

    We interrupt this broadcast purely to interrupt this broadcast...

    Oh, get lost! No time for jokes when our launch is going haywire!

    Anna Campbell runs around like a chook with her head cut off.

    Oh, no, the rooster just keeled over in shock!

    Not you, GR! Just a generic chook!


    Lordy, why is everyone I work with a drama parrot?

    Anyway, the Bandita War Cabinet has issued this press release:

    In the absence of detailed plans for today's launch, we turn in desperation to you, Banditas and Bandita Buddies! Give us three reckless things to do in the lair today to celebrate the release of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER!

    The best suggestions will win one of THREE signed copies of MY RECKLESS SURRENDER! Unless the books have gone to Africa too.

    What's that? They have!!!!

    But I have it on good authority that the books are walking like an Egyptian and they at least will be here for distribution before the end of the night!

    STOP PRESS: A shipment of naked Regency rakes has been captured off the shores of Tripoli by roving renegade Banditas. And they will soon be here to assist in any nefarious plans!

    So come on, people, give us some nefarious plans! Otherwise we'll have to put the rakes in the shed!
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Aria Pro II SB-1000 Exhibition Models!

    UPDATE: I noticed the Japanese site has removed all of the exhibition models! So I've added all of the photos I have of these basses...
    I came across some very unusual Aria SB-1000's on Aria's Japanese site. They are apparently exhibition models and it doesn't seem like they will be produced on a large scale. However, it does look like they are for sale since they have prices listed (around 180,000 Yen!) on the site along with the specs! They're definitely some of the most unique SBs I've ever come across! There's even a model with a Kahler Tremolo! I'm kind of partial to the black 5 string with orange stripes!
    Here are some pics, but be sure to follow the link to Aria's site for even more photos!

    Source URL:
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