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    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents uncovers the world’s strangest hotel jobs.

    It is hard to imagine when staying at a hotel that it’s actually someone’s job to warm the bed for guests or read them a good night story.

    However,, the global hotel booking website, has found that in some hotels around the world, these jobs do in fact exist.’s list of unusual hotel jobs

    Job: The Bed Warmer
    Hotel: Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, 4*
    Destination: London, UK

    Last year, the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London offered its guests an exclusive service – a human bed warmer.

    A member of staff donned a special head-to-toe suit and hopped into guests’ beds on request.

    For five minutes before guests wanted to retire, the Bed Warmers would move around in the bed to create an ideal sleeping environment for their guests.

    Job: The Coin Polisher
    Hotel: Hotel Westin St Francis, 4*
    Destination: San Francisco, USA

    In 1935, the Hotel Westin St Francis’ director noticed that the white gloves of female guests were getting dirty when touching coins.

    To ensure guests’ gloves remained in pristine condition, he decided to employ someone to clean coins every day.

    This tradition is still alive and well today at the hotel and the Coin Polisher has maintained the important role of keeping coins passing through the hotel clean and shiny.

    Job: The Pigeon Chaser
    Hotel: Rambagh Palace, 5*
    Destination: Jaipur, India

    At the luxurious Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, India, they employ two people who are tasked with keeping the pigeons out of the hotel’s courtyard.

    The ‘Pigeon Chasers’ wave a large flag to keep the birds at bay for nine hours a day.

    Job: The Fairy Godmother
    Hotel: Barnsley Gardens Resort, 4*
    Destination: Georgia, USA

    The Barnsley Gardens Resort has its own in-house Fairy Godmother who spends her time making guests’ romantic wishes come true.

    From proposals to birthday celebrations the Fairy Godmother is employed to help guests create unique and long-lasting memories.

    Job: Bedtime Storyteller

    Hotel: Hotel Andaz, 5*
    Destination: London, UK

    The Hotel Andaz in London recently took customer care to a new level when it hired someone to read guests a bedtime tale.

    Guests could call for the Bedtime Storyteller, who would come to their room and read the book of their choice.

    Job: Duck Master
    Hotel: The Peabody Hotel, 4*
    Destination: Memphis, USA

    The Peabody Ducks and their Master have made The Peabody Hotel in America world-famous.

    The Duck Master is in charge of training and looking after the ducks that perform a twice-daily show for the hotel’s guests.

    The only disadvantage is every evening the Duck Master has to clean the fountain!

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