Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Selebrity Hollywood News

    TV and Movie Replacement Actors

    The Replacements

    Ashton is the new Charlie on 'Two and a Half Men,' while Rosie is the new Megan in 'Transformers,' see who else has replaced a franchise star inside.

    Justin Bieber Plays Twitter Matchmaker for Kendall 

    Justin Bieber Plays Twitter Matchmaker for Kendall Jenner

    Justin used Twitter to try and convince the Kardashian family sister to go out with one of his friends, and it sounds like she's game

    By the Numbers: Rihanna Spends $1 Million a Year on 
    Her Hair

    We flexed our math muscles and figured out how much the singer pays for her mane per day, per week, and even when she sleeps! Check out all the fun facts inside.

    Stars Aligned: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

    Halle and her 'Dark Tide' co-star hooked up about a year ago in the wake of her split from Gabriel Aubry, so how does the future look for this Leo / Capricorn pair?

    Broken Celebrity Engagements

    Kristin Cavallari and her NFL beau Jay Cutler recently called off their wedding, but at least they're in famous company!

    Poll of the Day: Is Robert Pattinson the Greatest Vampire Ever?

    The 'Twilight' star took home the prize for choice vampire at this year's Teen Choice Awards. But does that make him the bloody best?

    Game: Who is the Hottest Woman Without Pants?

    Why bother with pants if you can look smokin' without them? Try to guess which bottoms-less woman does it best.

    Video of the Day: 'Glee' Cast Members Aren't Worried About Season Four

    Lea Michele and Chris Colfer don't have time to worry about leaving 'Glee' because they still have a whole season to film! Check out what they have to say inside.

    Surprising Celebrity Friendships

    Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie are bonding over their new reality show, while Gwyneth Paltrow just gushed about her unlikely BFFs, Jay-Z and Beyonce. Check out more improbable pals chumming around Hollywood.

    Poll of the Day: Which Rapper Has the Biggest Ego?

    Kanye West may be the most outspoken of the bunch, but does that make him the most arrogant?

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President Obama Celebrates Ramadan at White House

    "You can forget about that self-accountability crap"
    Washington DC, Aug 10, 2011. President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, is hosting an Iftar dinner tonight to celebrate the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

    Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance that takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Qur’an was revealed. It is considered the most venerated and blessed month of the Islamic year. 

    Prayers, sawm (fasting), charity, and self-accountability are especially stressed at this time; religious observances associated with Ramadan are kept throughout the month. 

    During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. They do not even drink water during this time. Iftar refers to the evening meal for breaking the daily fast. Iftar during Ramadan is often done as a community, with Muslims gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time.  

    The Iftar is the dinner that breaks the holiday's daily fast. The dinner became an annual White House tradition under President Bill Clinton and was continued by President George W. Bush. Iftar meals are often held at mosques, and Islamic communities, to which Muslim families are invited. Iftars are also commonly held at Muslim households.

    typical Iftar feast
    President Obama hosts a White House Iftar dinner each year, and invites all of the local Moslem leaders and his closest political cronies to join in the feast.  

    The food served usually consisted of  traditional Islamic cuisine: hubor over timnin (chicken over rice), lamb kabab, tika (grilled lamb), and hummus.

    Since 1996, the United States Department of State holds an annual iftar dinner for community leaders from US society and faith groups as well as foreign policy officials.

    Earlier in the day, the president has separate meetings scheduled with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to discuss ways of blaming former President Bush for the failure of the Obama economic policies.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bad Dad!

    by Anna Campbell

    Recently I read a wonderful Molly O'Keefe book called THE SCANDAL AND CARTER O'NEILL, the last in her 'Notorious O'Neill' trilogy (by the way, Molly is an amazing writer and if you haven't read her, rush and grab one of her fantastic stories).

    In the author bio section, she has a really cute disclaimer:

    Despite how it may appear in her books, Molly O'Keefe has a wonderful mother. She has no experience with bad mothers and cannot explain why many of the mothers in her books are so awful. Molly never intended for her own mother to get those dirty looks at the grocery store.

    This made me giggle because I realized I should make a similar disclaimer in the front of my books, but not about mothers. About FATHERS!

    My father was a wonderful man, brave, principled, smart. And not at all like the fathers who feature in Anna Campbell stories.

    I was thinking about the dads in my books and ouch, they're a rotten lot!

    Your Honor, I present exhibit 1, the late Duke of Kylemore in CLAIMING THE COURTESAN. Drug addicted, alcoholic, cruel, psychotic, and a slave to his base passions. Nup, he's not likely to win father of the year any time soon. Mind you, his wife's not too great either but I'm talking about dads here. Verity's dad isn't nearly as mean but then he dies and leaves her completely defenseless so even he demonstrates a few shortcomings!

    Exhibit 2 : in UNTOUCHED, Matthew's dad does the dying thing but otherwise is pretty OK, but the uncle left in loco parentis is another psycho killer type. Sheesh! And while Grace's dad eventually sees the error of his ways, he's pretty cold and ruthless with her when she's younger.

    Exhibit 3: in TEMPT THE DEVIL, the bad dad is actually the HERO! Ose Noes!

    Erith returns to London at the start of the book to make up for his numerous sins against his children and of course then he puts their future in jeopardy when he falls in love with a courtesan. Ose Noes with sugar on top!

    Exhibit 4 (yeah, there's going to be six, so sue me! Oh, no I've already got a court case on my hands with the dad thing. Maybe DON'T sue me!): in CAPTIVE OF SIN, there's a bad stepfather and a bad dad. Charis's mother marries after her admittedly very nice first husband kicks the bucket and husband number two is a shocker. A drunkard and a lech and a wastrel. And then poor Gideon, who already has enough to cope with after his torture in India, had a father who thought his younger, intellectual son was a complete waste of space and set out to fix that problem with violence. Bad dad indeed!

    Exhibit 5: two of the dads in MY RECKLESS SURRENDER aren't actually that bad or at least they have decent reasons for their behavior. But there's Lord Burnley - he definitely qualifies to live in infamy in this villains gallery of bad dads. I think an amoeba would be a better father than this guy!

    Exhibit 6: MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION has TWO bad dads, both of whom are far more interested in their own agendas than in their children's welfare. Oh, and one more equivocally bad dad in Godfrey Demarest who is indulgent to his daughter but a bit of a rotter otherwise.

    So I'd like it on record here and now:

    Dad, I apologize wholeheartedly for all these wicked fathers, uncles and stepfathers who abound in my books. None of them were inspired by you, although I certainly was when I set out to follow my dreams and become a writer.

    Actually I think bad dads are a staple of fiction not because as writers, we have suffered through so many bad dads, but because awful parents put our heroes and heroines against it. Fairytales use the same motif for the same reason.

    Someone with a rotten parent (or even two, like Kylemore) gains reader sympathy immediately. It's a bit like making our heroes and heroines orphans. I've read blog posts and other pieces asking why so many orphans abound in romance fiction. Again, it puts the reader onside from the get-go.

    And just for something different, the book I'm current writing features a very heroic dad for my lead guy and an OK dad for my heroine. Sheesh! What is the world coming to?

    So do you have any favorite bad dads in your romance reading?

    And if you'd like to explore the Anna Campbell school of bad dads, I'm going to give away a book today to someone who comments. Your choice from the backlist (just click on the title in the blog if you want to checkwhich book you'd prefer) mailed with a fatherly smile and an avuncular bookmark.

    (Just a proviso - I'm at the Romance Writers of Australia conference right now so may be a bit slow getting back to comment but I promise I will, cross my heart and hope to die!)

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Rioting in Romford... sort of

    Early evening last night I saw a few rumours on Twitter and Facebook that Romford was set for distrubances. I kept an eye on Tweeets about Romford and after a while rumours abounded - Primark was burning, McDonalds and Costa Coffee had been smashed, even Romford station was ablaze!

    I love quite close to Romfrod town centre. A quick check outside my back door confirmed that the sky was not glowing orange from anything other than light pollution and there was not much screeching of sirens.

    In a moment of impetuousness I loaded my tatty Lowepro camera rucksack with my old Nikon D50 and a couple of lenses and headed towards the centre.

    Victoria Road, the main location of fast food joints and Chinese and Indian restaurants was largely deserted, the eateries closer to the centre  being shut. The area outside the station was deserted except for  groups of police officers and a few people exiting a railway station that was clearly not in the slightest bit ablaze.

    The South street bars and clubs from the Goose (once the Mawney Arms) to Yates's (formerly office accommodation if I remember rightly) ere all closed but it was clear that neither McDonalds nor the Costa coffee shop were smoking piles.

    Moving further on into the pedestrian part of South street it was clear that Primark was  fully intact. However there were a number of youths milling around  further on so I decided to head home. Nothing to photograph.

    Mercifully I missed the disturbances. It seems that there were disturbances in the market place:

    The shop being atacked was Debenhams

    This afternoon Romford was much quieter than one would expect even on a non-market day. By 2.30pm the banks were shut Other shops although the two branches of Greggs were already closed (a casus belli?)

    In the daylight some minor damage could be seen: A pane broken at Debenhams

    Smeone must have decided they fancied something a bit less chavvy for their girlfriend

     And finally some sort of attack on a chav couturier

    Amazingly last night the one place that was open (or at least had the lights on behind the solid doors) was the knocking shop on South street that masquerades as a sauna. Perhaps they were the ones to embody the Blitz spirit!

    Ach the chocolate teapots that pretend to be our Prime Minister, Deputy PM, Home Secretary and Mayor of London have cut short their holidays. Far more police will be on the streets tonight. I wonder what will happen across the city tonight.
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Motivational Posters for Democrats...

Monday, August 8, 2011


    by Cassondra Murray

    Are y’all feeling good after Jeanne’s yummy-smelling perfume blog yesterday? Well, brace yourselves, because I’m fixin' to replace that good-smelling afterglow with somethin' worse’n a pot o’ cabbage boilin’ on the stove.

    For any of you who have NOT smelled cabbage cooking, “stinks” does not even begin to describe it. It’s enough to turn you against green plants and gardens in general.

    I’m just warning you. So if you think you can take it, go right ahead. Read on.

    No, I am not blogging about stinky stuff.

    Well, then again, maybe I am, in a metaphorical kind of way.

    Y’all remember the malt vs float blog from last month, right? The one where Jeanne and I chose sides? (I was float, she was malt.) That’s one point on which my evil twin, the dear Duchesse Jeanne Pickering Adams, and I, part ways. Another point on which we differ is that she prefers winter. She likes to shiver. I, on the other hand, hate to be cold, and am a shameless hoyden for spring and summer—oh and a nice long, unseasonably warm autumn that lingers until mid-December.

    It doesn’t bother me at all to have the heat, as long as it’s not a horrid drought. People say, “but it’s a dry heat!” And I say, “so is hell.”

    And it doesn’t bother me as long as I can get relief, when I want it, with air conditioning, a tall glass of lemonade or my grandmother’s sun tea (sweet tea, of course, as anything else is just wrong), or even a nice cool glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc.

    Jeanne hates the beach. I was born with a palm tree in my soul.

    In most other ways, we are indeed evil twins.

    I’ll sit on the porch, sipping my icy beverage, and gently “glow” (that's ladylike country talk for "sweat" in case y'all didn't know) into the long summer evening as the sun sets in a streaky purple and cerise-colored sky, and the lightning bugs flicker across the tall fescue in the pasture. Jeanne will be fanning and wanting to go inside where it’s cool.

    That love of summer firmly established, I admit that there is one thing about summer which I am never loathe to see pass.


    Do you have chiggers where you live?

    I hate chiggers.

    For you lucky souls who do not have chiggers where you live, and may not know their entymology or (sarcasm alert)the joy of having multiple chigger bites on your body, all itching at the same time…well…let me just say right here that chiggers are NOT ticks. And since we’ve known about Lyme Disease, and especially since Brad Paisley came out with that song about ticks….

    I’d like to see you under the moonlight

    I’d like to kiss you way back in the sticks

    I’d like to walk with you through a field of wild flowers

    And I’d like to check you for ticks

    …..Well, ever since that, ticks have gotten way more than their fair share of publicity.

    Honestly. You can see a tick when it’s crawling on you. Even the itty bitty deer ticks, though they take a bit of concentration to identify. When you take off your clothes at home and shower, you’re quite likely to notice a tick trying to make its way up your leg. I have a reasonable level of hatred for ticks (and most other things with more than two legs which attempt to crawl upon me). But that is honest parasitic advancement, in my opinion.

    Chiggers, on the other hand....chiggers are sneaky.

    Do you know what chiggers look like?

    Probably not,because you can’t actually see the microscopic little buggers, but if you’ve ever had chiggers, you know what I’m saying. I had a picture of a chigger all ready to post, but I decided against it. I figure y'all have computers, and know how to use Google. If you want to know what these little critters look like, it's just a Google search away.

    Ahem...back to the point...

    If you’ve ever picked blackberries, I’m guessing you know all about chiggers.

    Wild blackberries are my favorite summer fruit. I grew up picking blackberries with my family every summer. So one summer just after Steve and I got married, I was feeling all sentimental about my childhood, and when I got the chance to pick blackberries, I took it.

    A friend of Steve’s had several acres, and each year he used his riding mower to mow paths around the clumps of wild blackberry bushes, or “vines” as we called them in Southern Kentucky.

    I suppose these paths of short lawn-like grass gave me a false sense of security.

    We spent the afternoon, and I came home to our tiny apartment with a gallon of the incredible rich, sweet-tart fruits, and my tummy already full from eating them straight off the vines. But by that evening the red bumps started to show up.

    I was covered with chigger bites. Steve counted 120 itchy red bites on my body. I was miserable.

    For you who are lucky enough to NOT know, most chigger bites happen in the spots where your clothes are tight. Chigger bites aren't actually "bites" you see. And they're not terribly dangerous.

    The teensy little mites simply move into one of the hair follicles in your skin-- and there they set up housekeeping for a few days. A few very itchy days.

    They prefer the hair follicles in restricted areas. Like the crease under your breasts where your bra rides. Isn’t that a fun place to have red bumps that are itching like fluttering hell-bats from the pits of doom?

    Or your tummy where the waistband of your pants rests. Oh, and the best place of all--the elastic legs of your panties. Yeah. They congregate there--where your body moves and bends—and in places like your ankles, just under the bands of your socks.

    And that movement? That just makes them itch all the more.

    And there is Nothing. You. Can. Do. About. It.

    Like Measles or Mumps or the flu, they have to just do their thing. Run their course.

    The “experts” say they gravitate to those spots because they like the dark--areas of tight clothing. Me? I think they just go as far as they can go and most of them stop right there, where the clothing gets tight, and it’s too bloody much trouble to climb any further. And that’s where they dig in.

    If I were a chigger, that's what I would do.

    Lazy little sorry critters they are.

    Of course, “dig in” is wrong too, according to the experts.

    I suppose I owe it to the experts to say that chiggers are a mite-like thingy. And it’s the larvae which are the trouble. They look nothing like larvae to me. They look more like a tick, in their larval stage, actually. A tick you cannot see. Otherwise, the experts say, chiggers, or “harvest mites” of which there are more than 30 species (oh JOY!) don’t cause any trouble. It’s just that larval stage.

    They say if you go home and shower immediately you can wash the chiggers off. I have not found that to be the case. Showering has never helped me because the chiggers have already found their spots and sandbagged themselves in.

    I’ll spare you the details of their actual activity while in your follicles. The point is, they itch like all heck.

    People have said for a long while now that if you paint over the chigger bite with

    nail polish that it’ll kill it—that it can’t breathe then . I suppose it does appeal to the logic, doesn’t it? The idea that this layer of shellac-like nail polish suffocates the itchy little demons to death.

    After all, if I’m going to itch and suffer, I’d like for the cause of it to suffer along with me.

    However, being from strong country stock, as I am, I’ve never believed this. And this is one point on which the experts agree with me. They say this nail polish trick does absolutely no good.

    I don’t know what I think about the experts and their opinions about chiggers. They may be right. Or not.

    That evening so many years ago, Steve painted all 120 of those chiggers with pink nail polish.

    When I was a little girl, my parents would get me ready to pick blackberries in the following way: First, I had to wear long pants and long sleeves. Then they took a kerosene—yes, kerosene—dampened cloth and swabbed it around my wrists and ankles.

    And you know what?

    Nary a chigger.

    That’s right. It kept the chiggers away. And given the negative qualities of DEET, which is the only kind of insect repellent which will keep chiggers away, I’m not certain the kerosene was any worse.

    But that day when I was first married, I had no kerosene, and the blackberry picking was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I thought only briefly about chiggers, then I determined to be careful.

    Ha! Chiggers give no heed to careful. They jump—yes, according the the experts, they wait on vegetation and jump toward their intended hosts.

    This past June I cleared the weeds away from the flower bed around my mailbox. Tall weeds. Lots of them. And guess what?

    That evening Steve counted 116 chiggers on me. And he painted them with clear nail polish. I told him I thought that didn’t do any good. He said just in case it did, we should paint the chiggers.

    I itched for three days.

    I hate to see the end of summer, but the one thing I do not mourn is chiggers. They can freeze their little chigger hienies off with the first frost. Jeanne, you are vindicated.

    I hope they go to the darkest corner of chigger hell.

    What about you, Bandits and Buddies?

    Are there chiggers where you live?

    Have you ever had a chigger bite?

    I’m not allergic to poison ivy. Are you? If so, what do you do to stop the itching?

    I have a selfish motive here, because I’m writing a scene in my latest manuscript like this….have you ever read a scene in a book where the hero or heroine was all itchy?

    Hmmm…it doesn’t sound all that romantic, does it?

    Are you a summer person like me? Or are you like Jeanne—a winter person? Do you look forward to the greening in the spring? Or to the first frost of Autumn, when the bugs get their comeuppance?

    It’s the end of summer. Are you glad? Or are you sad?

    And did you ever pick blackberries?

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Joy and madness

The DKNY Million Dollar Perfume Bottle

    The luxury Lifestyle blog (the home of luxury Lifestyle) presents The DKNY Million Dollar Perfume Bottle.

    Martin Katz has partnered with DKNY Delicious, the iconic New York inspired fragrance series to create a world first – a million-dollar fragrance bottle.

    The bottle, which has been crafted in conjunction with the launch of DKNY Golden Delicious, is carved from polished 14-karat yellow and white gold.

    Katz’s awe-inspiring apple-shaped bottle features 2,700 round, brilliant white diamonds, sapphires, turquoise and other precious jewels set on the outline of the Manhattan skyline and the continents of the world.

    The DKNY Million Dollar Bottle will be unveiled across the globe from London, to Mexico to Malaysia.

    Once the tour is complete, the Million Dollar bottle will be sold to enthusiasts with net proceeds to be donated to the global charity, Action Against Hunger.

    DKNY Golden Delicious Eau de Parfum is available in 100ml, 50ml and 30ml sizes.

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Versace for FC Internazionale

Pierre Cardin Launches An Android Tablet

Lane Crawford Fall 2011 Campaign

No Confidence on Wall St: DJI Drops Another 635 points!

    Traders watch in horror as market crashes
    NYC, Aug 8, 2011. The markets weighed in again today on the relatively minor spending cuts made by President Barack Hussein Obama, D-Kenya, in his compromise deficit reduction deal.

    The agreed upon spending cuts were so small, that they might not even cover the increased cost of interest caused by our credit rating downgrade last week.

    Stocks took a sharp nosedive in another choppy day Monday to finish at session lows as investors fled from risky assets.

    This continued sell-off follows S&P's downgrade of U.S.'s credit rating last week in addition to ongoing economic jitters and fears that the President isn't serious about fiscal responsibility.

    Up until now, the president's economic policy has rested on "borrowing a lot of money, spending it quickly, and then printing more money to spend, in the hope that this might create a few new jobs." Unfortunately, this strategy has failed miserably. All we got for it was $6 trillion in new debt and a credit rating downgrade.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 634.76 points, or 5.55 percent, to finish at 10,809.85, well below the psychologically-significant 11,000 mark. The move marks the blue-chip index's biggest point and percent drop since Dec. 1, 2008.

    All the birthday celebrations are over
    The S&P 500 plummeted 79.92 points, or 6.66 percent, to close at 1,119.46, its lowest close since Sept. 10, 2010. Nasdaq sank 174.72 points, or 6.90 percent, to end at 2,357.69, its lowest close since October 4, 2010.

    August is already on track to be the worst month for the S&P and Nasdaq since Oct. 2008.

    All 10 S&P sectors ended lower, led by banks, energy and materials. Financials have plunged more than 20 percent this year.

    Volume was very heavy with the consolidated tape of the NYSE at 9.29 billion shares, while 2.54 billion shares changed hands on the floor.

    “Once we took out Friday’s lows, it was like a trapdoor opened,” Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS Financial Services told CNBC. “This is very heavy volume again and that tells me that we’ve got people liquidating to raise cash."

    Moody's said while they are maintaining the U.S.'s AAA status, the agency said it has doubts over the long-term enforceability of the budget cuts already decided by Congress.

    This comes after Standard & Poor's move to downgrade U.S.'s rating to AA-plus from AAA last Friday after a wild week for stocks—its worst in more than two years.

    And in its latest move, S&P also lowered Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Federal Home Loan Bank's debt to AA-plus from AAA.

    The President blames the GOP for not cutting more spending
    S&P came in for significant criticism from U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who said the rating agency showed "terrible judgment" in lowering the U.S. government’s credit rating.

    Meanwhile, President Obama said financial markets around the world "still believe our credit is AAA and the world's investors agree," although his speech did little to cheer up the market.

    In fact, the longer President Obama spoke, the more the market indexes dropped.Source URL:
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Burwhale the Avenger!

Nancy Wake RIP

    Australian war hero Nancy Wake, died yesterday in London

    She was 98.

    Born in Wellington, New Zealand on 30 August 1912 Nancy Grace Augusta Wake was the youngest of six siblings. Her family moved to Sydney when she was two years old

    Wake became a nurse before an inheritance from a New Zealand aunt enabled her to leave home in 1931 and fulfill her dream of travelling.

    After studying journalism in London, she became a correspondent for The Chicago Tribune in Paris and reported on the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. A 1933 trip to interview Hitler in Vienna led her to become committed to bringing down the Nazis. "I saw the disagreeable things that he was doing to people, first of all the Jews," she told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio in 1985. "I thought it was quite revolting."

    When World War II broke out in 1939, she was living in the French city of Marseille with her first husband, French industrialist Henri Fiocca. She helped British servicemen and Jews escape the German occupying force.

    Her husband was eventually seized, tortured and killed by the Gestapo. But Wake managed to escape to London in 1943 through where she received the espionage training before helping to lead the French resistance in its final days.

    Code named "The White Mouse" by the Gestapo during the war, Wake died Sunday in a London nursing home, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.
    "Nancy Wake was a woman of exceptional courage and resourcefulness whose daring exploits saved the lives of hundreds of Allied personnel and helped bring the Nazi occupation of France to an end," Gillard said in a statement.
    Trained by British intelligence in espionage and sabotage, Wake helped to arm and lead 7,000 resistance fighters in weakening German defenses before the D-Day invasion in the last months of the war.
    While distributing weapons, money and code books in Nazi-occupied France, she evaded capture many times and reached the top of the Gestapo's wanted list, according to her biographer, Peter FitzSimons. "They called her the 'la Souris Blanche,' 'the White Mouse,' because every time they had her cornered... she was gone again," he said. "Part of it was she was a gorgeous looking woman," he said. "The Germans were looking for someone who looked like them: aggressive, a man with guns — and she was not like that."

    France decorated her with its highest military honor, the Legion d'Honneur, as well as three Croix de Guerre and the Medaille de la Resistance. The United States awarded her its Medal of Freedom and Britain, the George Medal. She was made a Companion of the Order of Australia.

    Wake continued working for British intelligence in Europe after the war until 1957, when she moved back to Australia and married British fighter pilot John Forward. She moved back to Britain in 2001, four years after Forward's death. She never had children.
    According to her wishes, Wake's body is expected to be cremated privately and her ashes scattered next spring at Montlucon in central France, where she fought in a heroic 1944 attack on the local Gestapo headquarters.

    Rest in peace Nancy Wake

    Photo from Wikipedia
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